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In 1990, the Aromatherapy Organisations Council was formed, originally to bring the profession together and then to write the professional standards for aromatherapy in the UK. In 2002 this evolved into the Aromatherapy Consortium as we worked towards the development of regulation for aromatherapy, fueled by the House of Lords Report in 2000 and the Government response. In 2006 the Aromatherapy Council was formed as the regulatory body for the UK Aromatherapy Profession and although this role has now been passed to the new voluntary self-regulatory body for complementary health, the CNHC, the Aromatherapy Council remains as a collaboration of professional associations who together act as the gatekeepers for the Aromatherapy Training Standards; the Core Curriculum. It also keeps its role as the body to safeguard and promote the aromatherapy profession.


In 1998, the first National Occupational Standards (NOS) were published for Aromatherapy and these were revised again in 2002 and in 2006. You can read this article on the history of the NOS. It is the job of the Aromatherapy Council to consult on these standards for aromatherapy with Skills for Health.


For now there are no plans for statutory regulation of any of the complementary therapies in "Group 2" of the original report.

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