Welcome to the Aromatherapy Council

This is the new website of the Aromatherapy Council -the AC - which is the lead body for the UK Aromatherapy Profession which

    • is responsible for developing & maintaining education standards for the UK aromatherapy profession and for all aspects of the profession.


    • liases with external bodies including the CNHC & Skills for Health in order to represent the profession and its needs


    • Works together for the good of the whole profession & benefit of the public and develops CPD policy in conjunction with its member associations and the CNHC


    • has an emblem for its member associations so that the public can identify which associations belong. Check out opposite what the emblem looks like. Remember it can only be displayed by our member associations. Click here to find out who they all are

The AC Today

    The AC has now evolved to become the Lead Body for the UK aromatherapy profession and the 'Voice of Aromatherapy' and supports the work of the UK regulator for complementary therapies, the CNHC .It provided the members for the CNHC Profession Specific Board for Aromatherapy and currently two of its members are PSB representatives. It is responsible for reviewing and updating the Aromatherapy Core Curriculum which, along with the NOS for Aromatherapy, form the standard for aromatherapy registration with the CNHC

The AC History

Originally we were the Aromatherapy Organisations' Council (AOC) and launched in 1991. In 1998 we were the first complementary therapy to consult and have published a set of National Occupational Standards (NOS), which have subsequently been revised in 2002 and 2009. The AOC started the work towards regulation of aromatherapy by achieving national standards of education.

In 2000, the House of Lords report was published recommending individual therapy voluntary self regulation and with the Government's response in 2001 endorsing the proposals, the AOC set up a regulatory working group. This evolved into what was the Aromatherapy Consortium in 2002. The Consortium worked with the whole profession and other bodies to write and agree all the policy documents and standards that would see the UK aromatherapy profession regulated and in turn have credibility in the wider healthcare setting.

The Aromatherapy Council was established in December 2006, and was originally set up to be the Voluntary Self-Regulatory body for the Aromatherapy profession within the UK.  Its primary role was to protect the public & also to maintain the integrity of the profession. It set minimum standards for professional training & practice. It also handled disciplinary matters & complaints concerning registrants fitness to practice. This changed in November 2007 as a result of the modification within the regulatory objective as set down by Government in their White Paper. It was agreed that a federal style regulatory body for the whole of complementary therapies would be easier for both public safety and for multi-disciplined therapists.

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